The 1st crypto-funding animated show in the world!

Last week, the presentation of the first crypto series took place in Limassol, Cyprus. As part of the event, guests were able to taste muffins, watch real cupcakes being cast from molten metal, listen to the CEO’s speech, and, of course, appreciate the first Take my Muffin series.

The correspondent of Cryptopostman personally attended the event and is in a hurry to share with you a photo report and his impressions of this event. “In general, the atmosphere was reminiscent of a hippie party of the 60s – psychedelic music, decoration of the space, clothes of the invitees. I hope that the series will gain popularity, as the creators declare that it is completely beyond the control of any censoring authorities of any countries. Let’s see what happens next, but it’s definitely interesting to watch the project, ”commented a representative.

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