Sasshhaaaa Chudo: NFT is one of the best financial independence opportunities for creative people.

Cryptopostman spoke to one of the most talented NFT artists, Sasshhaaaa Chudo, whose work is hugely popular around the world. Read about creative choice, difficult but interesting work in our material.

How have you become an artist?

Initially, I worked in advertising. I do not have an art education, I did not graduate from an art institute. I’m self-taught. As a child, I went to art school for three years because my grandfather was an artist. My talent, apparently, was inherited. My mother also draws very well, but in the style of realism. I am an advertiser by education, I worked in PR and SMM for a long time, I was a beauty blogger and, as a result, I began to draw, because from childhood I was drawn to this. I took a couple of courses in vector graphics and immediately began to work, after that I immediately took the first orders.

How did you get into NFT?

In 2017 there was a Clubhouse boom. Broadcasts were held there, I myself led the rooms about illustration and design as a moderator. There I met a guy who told me that I should try my hand at NFT. Telegram has a channel founded by Brickspacer, NFT bastards. At that time, I didn’t even know what cryptocurrency is – how it works, what it is. I was far from all this. But I began to read a lot, study, and try to understand. And in March of that year, posted the first drop on the rari. She also prepared her first drop on Foundation. There was and is another artist on my Twitter, he is engaged in 3D. I did not know him personally, he publicly asked the artists to throw off their work. And he promised to distribute invites to those whose work he likes. He said that he really liked my style and sent me an invite. And in April, on my birthday, I received a bet on my very first Crypto Devil drop. And then I received the second bid from Avito, a major collector of that time. From him came a bet for 0.45 ether. I had very vivid emotions, I jumped for joy. Then I continued to make drops, participate in collaborations, and organize my own collaboration, Meduza.

About the future of NFTs

Many people think that NFT is a soap bubble, but in fact it is not. For example, I try to do collaborations with emerging artists, I try to support them. I don’t do collabs with celebrities, I try to take someone who is just starting out as a work partner, give him a boost and financial assistance. The NFT community is based on this – on support and mutual assistance. And for beginner artists, this is a great chance not to do something according to the TK with a bunch of edits, but to do something that you really want, to somehow realize yourself creatively. It is not even necessary to draw, someone makes video art, someone uploads a video, someone makes performances, someone is engaged in music. Someone draws in traditional, takes pictures. All kinds of creativity are covered. You can do what you want, not what the customer expects from you.

Nevertheless, the difficulty lies in the fact that if you do not present yourself beautifully, show yourself, then you will not have sales. Minting, sitting and waiting – that’s not how it works. You still need to communicate on Twitter with people. Suppose a person is sitting in another part of the world. You communicate, talk about your work or on some other topics. You are recognized as a person and maybe from this point of view your work becomes more interesting, because a person understands you better. your position. Many are friends with their collectors. They communicate with them. I had a collector from the USA and he told me that he bought a new house and now he is choosing screens there, he is going to look at my NFT collection. He has millions of dollars, but he is absolutely not pretentious. A normal normal person. The same as all of us. The only difficulty is the knowledge of English. Because without knowing English, you won’t be able to talk about yourself, promote your work.

How do you work?

I work non-stop. I don’t do anything other than work, I don’t really plan anything, I live in a state of flow. Many people think that NFT is some kind of passing hype. I am not currently taking orders from regular customers that I had before. They understand how much I earn, and they understand that I can spend this time with much more profit. As an illustrator, I no longer take regular orders, since the beginning of summer. I earn only NFT. When I think about work, I think about creativity first. NFT is very luck based. Since the beginning of October, there have been no sales on the air, and last week I earned 1,500,000 rubles. Beginners come to NFT, try to make money and leave because they haven’t sold anything in two days. It doesn’t work like that, you need to invest time and effort into it. I don’t watch TV shows, I don’t read books, but I study the latest news about crypto and NFT. This is a complete job. Maybe even more time consuming, but you work for yourself.

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